Whether you’re concerned by the cost of outsourcing the production of all your advertizing and marketing material or you just want to have total control over your entire photography and imaging process... Too Squared can help with your entire photographic workflow.


Too Squared has 35 years of combined industry experience in Commercial Photography and Prepress. We were at it when standing in a dark room and dipping our hands in toxic chemicals was the way of our world. When the term “Digital” referred to calculators and TV remotes.

Today, we are completely digital. Capable of producing a variety of specialized images tailored to each of our client’s demands. The many experiences we’ve had in between has taught us one thing… That our client’s needs have remained exactly the same… Dramatic photographic representation of their product or services, technically adjusted to maximize their print or electronic output and at a cost that is flexible to their budget.


We can help direct you in setting up and maintaining a complete state of the art photographic workflow. We’ll advise you on and oversee the design, installation and maintenance of everything from a fully digital photography studio, to an efficient imaging and proofing capability, to a tech savvy and creative design hub… all customized to meet and maximize your unique print or electronic media marketing demographic, and of course... all on your budget.

We can even teach you how to hire the right professionals to tackle all your creative and marketing needs as efficiently as possible, or help to train your current staff to be more creative, productive and cost conscious.